Made for the pure Love of Beyoncé & her Family.... My Name is Tanya ッ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♡ "I believe that harmonies are colors,
Every time I paint it sharpens my harmony.
Yesterday I tried to paint you
But the colors weren't beautiful enough,
Your love goes beyond what I can say
Beyoncé" ♡
Beyonce Shares Wedding AND Birth Footage In Adorable Home Video With Jay-Z
Flawless :: Beyoncé + Nicki Minaj

Flawless :: Beyoncé + Nicki Minaj

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Hay Peeps!
just thought i’d let all my followers and anyone else who cares that it my Birthday today (9th March) and although I sound like im Bragging - I don’t mean to be, just wanted to take this opportunity to share the links of my Other Tumblr blogs - coz they could do with some more Recognition :D Please Check them out! much love to all -Tanya

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